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“The nominations are out for the 8th Annual Streamy Awards — recognizing the best creators, content and marketing in online video, and YouTube has inked a deal to be the official presenting sponsor and global distribution partner for the 2018 edition.”


“Nominations for this year's Streamy Awards arrived this morning, a list dominated by newcomers both among the online influencers that the awards seek to honor and among the platforms on which they reach their millions of fans.”


“The annual awards show, which honors the best in online video, this year has recognized a range of traditional and digital talent through its nominations.”


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4 Series & Films That Prove the Future of LGBT Entertainment Is Bright

-Pride Magazine

“Our lives are a messy collection of events while growing up, as we aim to find purpose and establish our futures. Tackling this ambitious whirlwind, Lily Richard’s Twenty lampoons the complexities of interpersonal relationships and lesbian life in your twenties.” 

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The Real Life Lesbian Couple Behind The Queer Series ‘Twenty’

- IntoMore Magazine

“Consider this: a queer woman-centered series written, directed, and produced by a badass couple consisting of two queer women. Now, imagine a show that is honest, relatable, politically correct, and inclusive while also incredibly binge-worthy.” 

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Meet Lily Richards of Twenty The Webseries in Hollywood

- VoyageLA

“I feel like I have always had a hard time quantifying success because you are so often taught to look at success in a purely monetary way and when you work in a creative field that is often hard to do, at least when you are first starting out. I find that I try to jump from milestone to milestone as quickly as possible and I am never fully satisfied as I can always see what I can do to improve.”

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Navigating Your Twenties w/ Lily Richards – Ep. 81

- Dyking Out Podcast

Most teens can’t wait until they are in their twenties. Most people in their thirties are thankful their twenties are behind them, regardless of how amazing or tumultuous those years were. Lily Richards, creator and star of the web series Twenty (and 24-year-old), keeps us in-check as we talk about the many changes that happen in this pivotal decade. 

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- Queeks

“The queer community has its own special list of recognizable tropes. Most of our readers are probably most familiar with the “Bury Your Gays” trope, but other familiar queer tropes include queerbaiting, coming out, and finding out one’s queer through infidelity. That’s not to say these storylines aren’t important to the community – they are essential – but they can also limit queer stories.

When writers understand this, when they create stories without confining their female characters to the tropes above, they give their audiences stories that truly represent them – stories like the one Lily Richards tells in Twenty: a Webseries.”

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TWENTY | Shifting the Narrative

-HerLaunch Interview

“Lily is a writer, director, and actor of her first hit web-series Twenty, and partner, Caitlin is the head producer of the show. Fellow alums from Emerson College, Lily, and Caitlin aspire to break the LGBTQ stereotypes that exist in media today. After getting cast in multiple projects that were shelved and never released, Lily wanted to attempt to take on a project entirely of her own. Already a writer, an actor and a director, and by her side, Caitlin as a producer, they were off to a strong start.”


September’s VOD and Web Series Picks

-Women And Hollywood

“Twenty isn’t afraid to show the weird, awkward, and funny sides of romance, while at the same time making its intimate scenes tender and familiar to anyone who’s felt a connection to their partner.”

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5 LGBTQ Web Series You Should Watch

- Medium

“This charming series will make you laugh out loud, go wide eyed, possibly cry or yell at your screen because of dumb decisions made. Whatever you may experience while watching, it’s worth the investment.”

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The Gays of LA

Welcome to our second webseries episode! We love television and we love self-identified queer women and we love when we can have both at the same time. We are so excited to be able to highlight three more queer webseries that we think you all will love. Go support these series in any way you can!

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-Bella Books

“Richards is ridiculously charismatic as Maya, who has just enough awkwardness and self-awareness not to fall into the “lothario lesbian” stereotype. She makes Maya’s uncertainty believable and something that most of us can relate to. She has terrific chemistry with her love interests, and you can’t help but root for her.”

Red Carpet

Streamy Awards 2018 Red Carpet with Twenty A Webseries

Streamy Awards 2018 Red Carpet with Twenty A Webseries

AFI Awards 2018 Red Carpet - Special Guest

AFI Awards 2018 Red Carpet - Special Guest

Streamy Awards 2018 Red Carpet with Twenty A Webseries

Streamy Awards 2018 Red Carpet with Twenty A Webseries

Clexacon 2019 Red Carpet - Special Guest / Speaker / Twenty A Webseries

Clexacon 2019 Red Carpet - Special Guest / Speaker / Twenty A Webseries

Monte Carlo Television Festival 2016 Red Carpet - Special Guest

Monte Carlo Television Festival 2016 Red Carpet - Special Guest

Clexacon 2019 Red Carpet - Special Guest / Speaker / Twenty A Webseries

Clexacon 2019 Red Carpet - Special Guest / Speaker / Twenty A Webseries