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My goal for Twenty is to open a doorway for comedies that are relatable to everyone while highlighting the experience of LGBT women in today’s world.
— Lily Richards ,

A successful Los Angeles based LGBTQ webseries written and directed by Lily Richards @lilyclaireee and produced by Caitlin Combe @caitlinacombe.

Twenty follows the story of Maya, her girlfriend Catalina, and her group of eclectic friends as they navigate careers, love, and life in their early twenties. With two seasons under their belt, a streamy award nomination, over 7.2 million views, and over 52,000 subscribers, this hit LGBT comedy has been described as "brutally honest and relatable" by and "diverse and incredibly binge-worthy " by Into.

"Twenty" examines the comedic complexities of interpersonal relationships, focusing on the stories of women and more specifically, LGBT women who are often inaccurately represented in the limelight. Why do we stay in uncomfortable situations? Why do we drive hours out of our way for our friends? Why do we persevere in our passions? Why do we love who we love?

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